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Overland trip in India – road trip, camping, wildlife safaris, desert safaris, river rafting, trekking the Himalayas and lots more…

Traveling on road in a fully customized overland vehicle with all the camping gears has so far just been associated with Africa, Europe and South America. Now for the first time there is a well established team based in India offering you authentic overland journeys on routes that have hardly been trodden by any overlander. There is a great deal of adventure involved in all our trips. Most of our trips are participatory in style and are a great fun. You make new mates and learn new things every day.
Our team specializes solely in India, operating overland expeditions and adventure safaris. Most of the crew members have years of experience working as a nature guide, naturalists and game rangers in India and Africa. When traveling with us you have a great advantage of dealing directly with an Indian operator with well established network and support all over the country. We have our base and a maintenance workshop just outside the Pench tiger reserve in Central India. Our vehicle is maintained on a regular basis by the authorized professionals at the regional TATA service station.
The routes and itineraries that we follow were developed after the feedback from our crew who have years of experience traveling this vast country. The whole chapter of Prayaan India Overland began when Anand (one of the founders of Prayaan) was working in Africa as a game ranger. His guests in Africa regularly used to ask about overlanding possibilities in India. At that stage there was no one operating a commercial overland company in India. He returned back from Africa and started putting things together for the first overland team which was based in India. Deepti (the other founder of Prayaan and an avid naturalist) also brought in a lot of experience to the team.
Be it the best time to track a tiger, follow the elephant’s migration routes, the arrival of the migratory birds, trekking the Himalayas, surviving the Thar Desert or the festivals, we know it all. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions, plan your trip and make all the arrangements to show you India. Airport transfers, pre and post safari accommodations can all be arranged. For the jungle safaris to ensure that our groups get the best of the zones and everything is on schedule, we book them well in advance so you can stay assured that all will be in order. Our crew has experienced all this before and we know what is needed and can help with your queries and concerns.
Our prices are very affordable. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for jungle safaris, river rafting, temple or fort entrances, treks and walks. They are all included in the price. Even three meals a day are included without having to worry about daily kitty or local payments. All you have to take care of are your personal expenses. By dealing directly with us you always get the best price and any agent’s commission is not involved in it. We always strive to show you India in the best way possible and at a very affordable price.

Overland India – at par with Overlanding Africa, Europe, Americas & rest of Asia…

Planning your next overland expedition? Log on to Google.com and type ‘overland trips’. What do you get? A screen full of African and European overland travel companies! There is no doubt that Africa, Europe and South America are all great overland destinations. They have a lot of both offbeat and popular destinations and some great companies to travel with. Now that you have explored Africa, South America and Europe as overland destinations, have you thought about India? It is much like a continent in itself. From the game rich national parks like Africa, the hot steaming rainforests like South America and the old colonial charm reminding you of Europe, India offers a taste of everything. There is the Himalayas with its endless peaks and mountains which are much more beautiful, picturesque and much more difficult to conquer than the Kilimanjaro, the Andes or the Swiss Alps. There are the Deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat which is much more colourful than the Sahara and with a biodiversity so rich that it supports the lions, wolves, wild asses, leopards, numerous tribes and a lot more. The broad leaved forest of Central India looks very similar to the European forests but is much richer with game. On addition to all this, there is the celebrated Indian culture, different languages, mouth watering cuisines, a multitude of festivals which offer an overland traveler a complete platter.
Now for the first time in India, we have taken the initiative of exploring the possible overland circuits and starting the first India based overland company named Prayaan India Overland. There are destinations which have never before explored, tribes that have never been met before and the roads less travelled which are all awaiting you. Come and join us on one of our expeditions as we explore and discover more of India.

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